Investing in houses. Creating homes.

Wolfpack Ventures was started with the goal of restoring and beautifying homes in Connecticut. We buy houses from owners for fair cash offers, and our talented team updates these houses into dream homes.

We believe in investing locally and hiring people facing job-market barriers. Our work bolsters the local economy and creates jobs.

We’re excited to announce we’re now taking inquiries for updating existing homes. Click here to get started.


Meet the Team


Rhiannon Barbagallo

Construction Lead

Rhiannon is a native Texan who never thought in a million years that she would come to live in the North, but that’s what love does to people.

Before transitioning into the world of real estate and residential construction, Rhiannon worked as a mechanical engineer in the oil fields of Texas.


Nic Barbagallo

Real Estate Lead

Nic was born and raised in Plainville, CT. He went to Texas for what he thought would be a couple months but ended up staying for five years because that’s what love does to people.

Professionally, Nic has been working in medical device sales for over eight years although his passion has always been real estate.


Puck, Ranger, & Kody

The Real Alphas

For inspiring us to see the beauty in the details…even if it’s the smell of poo on your fur.

For showing us the peace that comes with watching the morning roll in…even if that peace is punctuated by barking.

For teaching us that we are the strongest when we are together…

We thank these three.